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Your Nightstand Should Have These

Did you know that our general well-being could be improved markedly with just the things near our bed, after all your bedroom is your best shrine.





Our bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to slip away from the world and find enough peace to enjoy a restful sleep. Moreover, every bed deserves a nightstand or two to gather and keep the essentials that make bedtime easier and more enjoyable. Ensuring it remains practical and gives access to essential stuff we may need during the night.


And While

you might not keep every one of the following items in or on your bedside table, you will appreciate the convenience of having the majority of them close at hand when instead of having to get out of bed.



Editor and the team have gathered up some stuff to keep on your nightstand.






A Censor Sensitive Light Source

A bedside light is a must, both for reading and for nighttime preparations for sleep. For reading in bed,

a lamp that's around three inches taller than the

height of your bedside table will shine a light right

where needed—on the book, not in the eyes.



A Glass of Water, or Maybe More

Always be ready to hydrate so that when you

wake up thirsty, relief is right at hand.



Silk Scrunchie

If you love to sleep with your hair loosely tied or if

you’re doing the heatless curl method, opt to use a

scrunchy with silk material as the fabric that will

lessen elastic pressure that will not tug and leave

dents in the hair. Lafiye has many selections of

Scrunchies that you can find here. And if you didn’t

know, we also give a free matching scrunchy every

time you shop our Printed Sleepwear!




Anything to securely hold your hair back and gets you ready for a nighttime skincare routine. Pou Headband Underscarf 2.0 could also be tricked to hold all your hair back and get the hair out of your face.

Tissue Box

Believe us on this one, we always need a tissue.

Spruce up your tissues with a stylish tissue box.



Hand or Body Cream

The ultimate step in the “getting ready for bed”

routine is to moisturize the body's skin

before curling up under the covers.



A Reading Material

Because bedtime reading is one of the best ways to transition between a busy day and a good night’s sleep.



Wireless Charging Pad

Admit it, we are some of the people that most

of the time charge phone when it’s ataround 5%.

Although it is a habit we have yet to stop doing

for the sake of the battery’s health, it is only wise

to opt for a clutter-free wireless charging pad.




Pure essential oil-powered aromatherapy for

sweet dreams, de-stressing, and quality sleep.



Better sleep gives rise to better mornings, what things are you keeping on your nightstand for a better sleep quality?