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Rhinestones for Festive Flair

Glamorous elements like velvet, satin, and sequins always rule the festive time of the year. But this time, Lafiye settled with a new level of glamorous; dense knit bedecked with beautiful rhinestones as details.




Just as the concept itself conveys,


Lafiye’s Troupe arrives at the likes of glamorousness. From top, bottoms, and dress, specific details are polished in rhinestones imitating ice gripping on the warm, soft-hued dense knit in which the series itself is constructed.


The soft, monochrome colorway represents the subtlety to balance the festive ambiance of the rhinestones with its minimalist designs. After all, Lafiye is known for its minimalist yet practical versatility.



Each piece of Troupe is perfect to wear all year around.


Now available at your favorite platforms. Click here to visit the festive series.