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Poise Conversing with Gia


Our conversation with the face of Lafiye, or Gia as we call her, about the rollercoaster road of motherhood and how she fashions it her own way.







Some of you may be familiar with the now a mother of a four-week-old newborn, the face of Lafiye. The full-time young mother and wife, and a part-time student, finally got the time to catch up with us about the ups and downs of playing such roles in her life during her absence in this pandemic.


“I remember going to Malaysia with Sashfir to attend a fashion show, and got the chance to be in awe seeing Bjorka Morscheck in real life when he was still smaller than he is now,” Gia quoted, “The thought of having such a small baby wouldn’t even cross my mind then! But here I am now, married at such a young age and blessed with a baby boy.”



She elaborated how she met her now-husband in college and married him not long after. Some semester later they found out they were finally expecting a baby just in time her husband was preparing his seminar proposal through an online meeting platform. Gia then described how her pregnancy was a really rough and yet an enchanting journey, from her struggle in eating healthily for the sake of the baby with uncooperative hormones in her system, till the delivery and that the baby was born healthy. It was truly a very emotional but heartwarming journey to hear.


Motherhood has changed the woman she is today, that’s the beauty of it. Gia shared how it shifted her lifestyle and that she has to bring out her best to take good care of her baby. She blatantly shared how having a baby has unconsciously changed what she wears. Apparently, she fashions motherhood her own way with minimalism.


“I’m doing more with wearing less, and it is practical,” she said.


To achieve well in her roles as a mother, a wife, and a student, Gia admitted that she has to be comfortable with herself first. Especially with what she wears. Comfort is the key, and it could be cultivated in fabric, style, and ease of fit.


“I used to have a lot of time to wear Zhi, even got the excess time to redo or re-adjust if I had to. Now I only have time to fold a square hijab, wear it around my head and pin it before I have to go back to my baby’s crib to change his diaper,” the young mother laughed.


Another statement she blurted that she now prefers instant hijabs because of how practical it is, “lately I’ve been wearing Instant Sey, just need to slide in and I’m good to go. It is surprising that it fits just right and the jersey material feels good on my hair and skin.”


Gia shared more about how much she goes for cotton or knitwear, drape, anything that is of ease of fit. It was during the photoshoot session she finally got the chance to get dolled up after a really long time. In frame, the muse then wore one of our latest collection of loungewear, Posh Sense.



While we were on a break she was then seen getting comfortable, lounging around the studio, caring for her baby son in Posh Sense dress. She loved the way the basic dress hugs her skin and the fact that she can still move around freely.


See her look, here.


“To be a good mother, you’ve got to give your all, your best. How are you going to give your best if you’re not even in a comfortable state, wearing a comfortable fit?” the face of Lafiye quoted.


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