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Lafiye and Ntsana Reveals A Collaboration to Empower Personal Growth



Introducing "A Mindful Thrive," a collaboration between Lafiye and author Ntsana, also known as Rintik Sedu. This event celebrates and showcases our collaborative product, the Lua Fold Square Scarf.




The Lua Fold Square Scarf is a revolutionary concept introduced by Lafiye in collaboration with Ntsana. It reimagines the classic square scarf with innovative fabric, details, and overall touch. This versatile scarf can be easily incorporated into everyday wear. 


Rachmadanti, the Brand Manager of Lafiye, shared, "The Lua Fold Square Scarf was born from the shared vision of Lafiye and Ntsana, believing that expressing personality and mood through clothing can positively impact self-presentation. We offer the Lua Fold Square Scarf in ten colors, allowing individuals to express their emotions."




The event A Mindful Thrive spanned two days, October 7 and 8, 2023. It began with an exclusive private screening attended by Lafiye's fellow Content Creators, featuring engaging workshops such as a Conversational Workshop with Ntsana, followed by a Flower Arranging Workshop. These workshops aimed to embody the essence of the Lua Fold Square Scarf, which focuses on personal growth and positive transformation through self-awareness. By combining workshops and activities centered around self-discovery, embracing strengths and weaknesses, values, and emotions, the event empowered attendees to make better decisions, set meaningful goals, and overcome challenges while embracing the Lua Fold Square Scarf.



On October 8, the event opened its doors to the public, free of charge. Participants were invited to explore a thought-provoking installation that revealed the story behind our collaboration and the importance of every detail in our collaborative product.


A Mindful Thrive represents being fully present and thriving. Lafiye and Ntsana aspire to instill a mindful approach to the Lua Fold Square Scarf, encouraging individuals to pay attention to the present moment and be aware of their thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. Thrive symbolizes growth, prosperity, and success, encompassing well-being, personal development, and satisfaction in various aspects of life.




This collaboration between Lafiye and Ntsana showcases our shared commitment to empowering individuals through style, encouraging self-expression, and promoting a mindful and thriving lifestyle. The Lua Fold Square Scarf is not just a fashion accessory; it is a tool for personal growth and transformation.