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Inside Our Walk-In Closet at IFW23

You may see it from our Instagram @Lafiye, or dream of grazing the satisfying selections of Lafiye’s articles hanging on the rack. On 22 — 26 February 2023, we took a chance to have our dearest customers experience what being in Lafiye’s Walk-In Closet is like in Indonesia Fashion Week 2023 at Jakarta Convention Center.



The original layout of Lafiye’s Ligthbyrust
closet studio, with more fabricated details.



The mini Walk-In Closet studio was inspired by our minimalist office with a generous cozy ambiance for a more intimate browsing experience. With orderly-fashioned scarves and clothes displayed and hanging on the racks along with the curated decorative shoes and furnitures surrounding a cushy ottoman, which makes it a centerpiece of the Closet studio.


“It’s not an everyday occurrence that we conduct an offline affair, so we really wanted everyone to have a meaningful, intimate, purchasing experience by providing a very personal Walk-In Closet,” says Danti, The Brand Manager.



Visitors would be cheered with some Raffle drawings with Rare Prize, some restocked highly-demanded items, Archive Sale, and Gift Voucher.