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Iftar with El Yaqin Orphan Foundation


Only smiles in this room!








In making the most out of the holy month of Ramadhan, with the help of our respective partners, Lafiye welcomed the children from El Yaqin Orphan Foundation to Studio Lightbyrust on April 18th, 2022 for iftar.


Besides sharing love, laughter, and warmth, we also shared some spiritual learning (tausiyyah) from Ust Saleh. One of the foundation’s guardians.


A mini-game was also played to make the situation merrier, along with the sacred segment of Al Qur’an recitation.




With children running around, playing as if the studio was an improvised recreation site, we definitely felt the warmth and happiness. Our team was once again glad that we made such great hospitality for the foundation.


Iftar was then closed after maghrib in jamaah and dinner.